High Potential News Releases

Parabolic Retracement Setup Events

The upcoming weekly economical news releases you don't want to miss. Not all news releases are created equal and there are many ways to trade them. This report helps find high Parabolic Retracement releases as well as the best News Break-Out events.

Weekly Curve Location

Weekly Bias

This section helps provide you will a weekly bias for setups. While not meant to be a "signal", this section is used as an odd enhancer as prices tend to retrace from extremes similar, to what Bollinger Bands try to accomplish but uses supply and demand as its data analysis not a moving average.

Sunday Night Gap Setups

Two Ways To Trade The Open

Each Sunday night when the market opens these levels are updated with actionable trade ideas using two different strategies meant to help you capture profits before the rest of the trading world has come online. This is an "If this, then that" Section. Clear risk levels are given for all setups.

High Quality Supply and Demand Levels

Higher Time Frame Buying and Selling Areas

Each weekend the charts are reviewed and areas of great potential for reversal are identified. Entry and Stop price levels are given for 31 currency pairs, oil, gold, silver and the three major US indices. This report is best used combined with the Weekly Curve Locations section.

Course curriculum

Meet Your Instructor

Senior Instructor

Bryan Caprice

Bryan is the President and CEO of Keep Trading Simple. His mission is simplify trading and help remove the many distractions that the “professionals” tell new traders they have to use. Since the tech bubble, he has used his accumulated experience trading various asset classes to build what he calls a Trader's Archetype, a system designed to have people trading what matches their individual situation. He develops strategies primarily using price action that anyone can trade. He created the 30 Minute Trader as well as the 5 Minute Binary courses, for traders with full-time jobs. Having worked in the advisory division of one of the three big banks, he left to spend six years traveling around the U.S. and Canada helping traders find their own way in the markets. Besides being a trader, he is a family man and father of twin boys whom he enjoys coaching in youth lacrosse as well as a stay at home Dad for his newborn daughter.

What Students Are Saying

I’m grateful!

Ernest M, Texas

It wasn’t until I took Bryan’s daily chart classes and courses ‘The 30 minute trader and The forex Course’ classes that I realized how much I didn’t know. How much I’d taken for granted. How mindless I’d become. Bryan puts his whole heart and soul into teaching these classes and into helping his students trade better, be better. If you’re serious about trading and getting back your freedom while keeping trading as simple and straight forward, treat yourself to a seat in his class.

Bryan and the guys have certainly lit up the path to success!

James w, Texas

Bryan and his team, are committed to educating. None of the B.S. of just showing the honey.. He will teach you where the money is at, and strategies so you can learn how to capture some of it.. When I have questions, he will respond with an answer, to walk me thru it. If you’re willing to have patience, and watch and listen. The picture of Forex Trading will get clearer.

That gave me the confidence to take the next step.

Sean L, Michigan

After taking the Forex Masterclass course and learning about supply and demand, how to identify and draw them on the chart, it's nice to see the supply and demand indicator lining up with my pre-drawn zones. That gave me the confidence to take the next step to get funded.